services :

architecture design

architectural design planning processes and calculations structure analysis to obtain the work that has aesthetic value, efficiency in terms of function, safe and friendly earthquake.

design stages

> collecting data

- Initial discussions (interviews)
architects begin to explore the need of the assignor.

- work agreement and site survey
collecting data and measuring site to obtain accurate data.

> processing data

- concept
analysing needs and land use in residential building plans.

- pre-design
creating a layout and 3d images as a translation of the initial concept.

- design development
developing pre-design results into architectural drawings, structural and mechanical electrical and other complement equipment to create a good implementation document in term of quality.

- working drawing document
making final products in the form of a professional and comprehensive working drawing documents, which includes;
- architectural working drawings
- Structural working drawings and calculation of structural analyses
- mechanical and electrical working drawings / me
- exterior 3d images
- budget plan / boq

bandung - west java, indonesia